Consumer LED lamp with ODAC technology for high-speed Visible Light Communications

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Optical digital-to-analog converters (ODACs) were recently proposed to mitigate the non-linear characteristic of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and to simplify the transceiver in optical wireless communication systems. This paper describes the implementation and performance of an ODAC lamp built with commercial phosphor coated LEDs. It is shown to have sufficient performance to cope with data-rates compatible with those recommended for Ultra HD quality internet download speed (25Mbps), despite the very low bandwidth of these LEDs. Also, the structure of a low-cost and high-speed OFDM-based Visible Light Communication transceiver, based on commercial LEDs and off-the-shelf components, is presented. This solution does not require D/A conversion or complex LED driving circuitry in the transmitter, which are usually seen as limiting factors to the deployment of high-speed VLC systems in the consumer LED lighting market.

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Digital-analog conversion, Driver circuits, Optical transmitters, Visible light communication.