Light sources and elements for quantum technologies and communications I

Technologická agentura ČR
Technologická agentura ČR

The following areas oriented to set of new materials for quantum technologies will be addressed on:
Activity 1: Supercoherent laser sources for quantum effects control and monitoring. It will include the development of high-finesse resonators, which will require a new technology for machining mirror spacers, shaping curved surfaces for mirrors, coating reflective and antireflection coatings, vacuum chambers to eliminate the effect of air refractive index on resonator length, new specialized fiber lasers, optical and electronic assemblies to stabilize the wavelength of the lasers on the resonator.
Activity 2: Design and pilot fabrication of specialized optics for the weak photon signal detection from quantum objects like ions or nanoparticles trapped in Paul traps. It will include the development and pilot production of specialized optics, such as lenses and prisms, the technology of polishing and assembling them into functional units in the form of lenses setup, design and pilot tests of specialized reflecting and anti-reflecting coatings, the subsequent testing of these high-numeric aperture lenses and the light-on-the-lens imaging of cool quantum particles.
Activity 3: Design and development of a pilot bulk-fibre based optical setup for free-space optics communication systems. It will include topological design of an imaging lens with two/three axes of freedom positioning, connection of fibre optics and bulk optics with suppressed unwanted reflections from particular optical elements, setup for spot detection and stabilization, testing in controlled environment.
Activity 4: Presentation and dissemination of results of the research and development to scientific community and innovation leaders
Project outcomes include 3x functional sample, 1x verified technology, selected results will be published on conferences and at journals.

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