Millimeter Wave Band Time Domain Channel Sounder

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This paper describes a time domain channel sounder based on binary sequences. The channel sounder system consists of several off-the-shelf laboratory instruments and controlled by a PC. The frequency band of interest is the unlicensed millimeter wave band (MMW), 57-64 GHz. A crucial feature of the proposed system is its fast measurement speed enabling measurements of realistic vehicular scenarios. The main part of the paper is dedicated to the description and analysis of the system behavior when non-linear components, such as mixers, low noise amplifiers (LNAs) or power amplifiers (PAs) are used. The contributions of this paper are the description of how to mitigate these effects utilizing several different excitation signals and the evaluation and comparison of the channel sounder performance in terms of the spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) parameter.

Klíčová slova
millimetre wave propagation
channel sounding
binary sequences
nonlinear systems