Taxicab geometry in table of higher-order elements

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The paper deals with the analysis of the order of the differential equation of motion describing the dynamics of a one-port network compounded of series or parallel connections of arbitrary elements from Chua’s table. It takes advantage of the fact that the elements in the table are arranged in a square graticule, which conforms to the so-called taxicab geometry. The order of the equation of motion is then expressed via the so-called Manhattan metric, which is applied to measuring the distance between individual elements in the table. It is demonstrated that the order can be taken as the radius of the so-called quarter-circle. The quarter-circle is a geometric figure in Chua’s table, circumscribed around an imaginary central point where the so-called hidden element of the one-port network is located.

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Higher-order elements
Chua’s table
Equation of motion
Taxicab geometry
Manhattan metric