Cooperation with us

Spolupráce s UREL

Science and research

Grant projects

Grant projects in the field of applied research follow two main objectives. The first is to create new partnerships between industry and research organisations. The second objective is to deepen existing collaborations by supporting key research activities, i.e. those that are currently socially and technologically necessary. An important advantage of grant projects is that the funding for research and development is largely covered by the grant agency. The typical budget of an applied research grant project ranges from 200.000€ to 2.000.000€.

Direct contracts (so-called contract research)

For direct contracts, it is not necessary to search for and wait for a suitable funding agency call. The project itself is then not burdened with such demanding administration as in the case of grants. This form of collaboration is ideal for companies requiring advanced solutions at the edge of current technology that they are unable to obtain elsewhere.

Study area

Lectures for secondary schools

We offer lectures to high schools on modern technologies in the field of radio electronics and advanced wireless communication technologies. The lectures are given by lecturers from the staff of the Department of Radio Electronics, who go to the high school with an agreed lecture. The presentation is expected to be educational and popular in nature, in which students will learn the basic functional principles, applications and future directions of wireless communication systems. The lectures also include practical demonstrations.

Management of students' high school theses, SOČ

The Department of Radio Electronics offers talented high school students cooperation on their graduation projects. Selected students can use both consultations with experts and the equipment of our department. Our academic staff can also guide selected topics of the Student Professional Activity.

Golden Transistor - Zlatra

Since 2016, the Department of Radioelectronics has been organizing the Golden Transistor professional project competition for both university and high school students. Registered students present their individual projects in several categories before a jury of experts which includes external evaluators. Thanks to the sponsors (Rohde & Schwarz, ABB, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Unis, H-test and others), the best researchers are rewarded with a substantial amount of money or valuable prizes related to their area of expertise (e.g. an oscilloscope).

Radioelectronics seminars

Seminars on topical issues led by distinguished professionals from the field. During a presentation at the Department of Radio Electronics with a typical length of two hours, the presenter briefly introduces his/her employer and then discusses the selected topic. Attendance at the seminars is free of charge and is welcomed by students, postgraduates, academics and guests.