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The Department of Radio Electronics of the Brno University of Technology specializes in modern wireless communication technologies and analogue and digital electronics. The main study programme Electronics and Communication Technologies for Bachelor, Master and PhD students teaches not only the theory of why electronics works, but also the practice, i.e., how electronics are designed, programmed and manufactured. We teach courses in radio frequency and microwave technology, antenna design, radar and navigation systems, microprocessor technology and embedded systems, satellite, mobile and optical communications, audio/video technology and multimedia transmission and radio broadcasting, and other subfields.

In the research field, the Department of Radio Electronics is engaged in solving scientific projects of basic and applied research. Among the areas in which we achieve top results are wearable electronics and the use of smart textiles, communication between vehicles and infrastructure, characterization and modelling of radio channels, design of cable-free optical links, issues of active and passive radar, complex development of antenna systems, measurement and solution of electromagnetic compatibility, design, development and production of specialized measuring instruments and systems or design of electronics for satellites and space industry. We also handle a number of direct contracts for international companies and science and technology agencies.

In 2019, the Department of Radio Electronics celebrated 60 years since its foundation. We are currently based in modern premises on the FEEC campus at Technická 12, where the department has a total of 14 state-of-the-art laboratories. These combine teaching and research activities and thanks to this we are able to provide quality education to our students and at the same time achieve unique results in scientific research. This has long placed us among the best institutes of the faculty. At the same time, we have significantly initiated the establishment and development of the SIX Research Centre.

... and its history

The Department of Radio Electronics is one of the most traditional institutes of the Brno University of Technology. It was one of the five institutes that were established simultaneously with the foundation of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of BUT in 1959. The very first dean of the faculty, Prof. Jan Kalendovský, was also the first head of the Department of Radio Electronics between 1959 and 1970. Five other heads have served in this position - Prof. Kamil Vrba (1970-1981), Prof. Vladimír Mikula (1981-1990), Prof. Jiří Svačina (1990-2006), Prof. Zbyněk Raida (2006-2013), Prof. Tomáš Kratochvíl (2013-2021) and Prof. Zbyněk Raida again (since 2021).

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