R&D laboratories

Výzkumné laboratoře

Research Laboratory of Radioelectronic Measurements

The subject of our research is mainly the subject of perspective mobile communication systems. Our scientists are active in research of new modulation techniques, signal processing methods for mobile communication receivers and design of physical layer parameters. An important direction of our activity is also the design of algorithms to compensate for imperfections in the elements of the radio communication chain. Considering the future requirements for high mobility of devices, our attention is also focused on communication between moving users.

Research Laboratory of Experimental Satellites

In the laboratory, we primarily develop satellite subsystems in the framework of cooperation on space projects with the European Space Agency and other entities (Europe, USA). These are partial functional blocks that are then integrated into the structure of satellites. Typically, these are radio transponders, camera modules or radar subsystems. The laboratory also has a ground station for tracking and commanding satellites in the UHF band.

Antennas and Electromagnetic Field Laboratory

The laboratory is fully equipped for research and development of antennas of all types up to 110 GHz. The basis of the laboratory is a reflection-free chamber for measuring antennas by the far-field method up to 110 GHz and by the near-field method on a spherical surface up to 50 GHz. It also has a vector circuit analyser capable of measuring conventional coaxial connectors, waveguides and using probes on a semiconductor wafer or microwave substrate up to 110 GHz.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) laboratory focuses on electromagnetic interference measurements and electromagnetic immunity testing. For the measurement of electromagnetic interference, the laboratory is equipped with a measuring receiver, appropriate measuring antennas and a partially (or fully) anechoic chamber. In addition, a single-phase LISN network is also available. The laboratory is also able to perform electromagnetic immunity tests against ESD discharges, surge pulses, burst pulses and power supply voltage drops or failures.

Optical Communications Research Laboratory

The equipment of the laboratory enables research and development in the field of photonic communications and optical measurements. We focus on the design and analysis of atmospheric optical links, optimization of their parameters, analysis of optical signal propagation through free atmosphere, study the effect of turbulence on the propagation of an optical beam. We also deal with communication in the visible part of the radiation spectrum (VLC) and vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2X). We also use optical systems to perform special measurements.

Laboratory of Microwave Technology

The laboratory focuses on the design and measurement of passive and active circuits on coaxial lines and waveguides at frequencies up to 110GHz. Signal sources, spectrum analysers and circuit analysers for linear circuit measurements are available in this range. For the evaluation of other parameters, counters, noise heads and power meters are available in the laboratory.

Laboratory of Digital Television Systems and Video Technology

Our field of activity is the coexistence of broadcast, mobile and general wireless services in shared or nearby frequency bands. Our group of researchers is active in both theoretical and experimental methodologies for coexistence within and outside the systems themselves, as well as in the interaction of systems and subsystems of communication devices and in frequency planning or modelling of critical and non-critical coexistence scenarios.