Study programmes

Studijní programy UREL

Electronics and Communication Technologies (Bc., Ing., Ph.D.)

"Become an expert in wireless and optical technologies!"

We have a degree that combines analogue electronics, digital electronics and communication systems. For your Bachelor's degree, you will learn to design electronic components for low frequency, microwave and optical high-speed systems. You will learn about methods that use communication standards. Among the subjects, you will design analogue and digital circuits, high-frequency components or program embedded applications.

In the master's degree programme, you will enjoy specialties that have been newly included only in this programme. Whether it's designing methods, standards and effects in automotive communications, understanding quantum computing and machine learning, integrating antennas into textiles and interfacing with sensors, or optimizing sensor networks. Which courses you choose is up to you.

The bachelor's and master's study programmes are available only in the Czech language.



As part of the PhD programme, the best of you will learn to work independently as a scientist. As a PhD student, you will gradually search for and describe a previously unsolved technical problem in your field of study. You will propose and present its unique solution within the scientific community. Scientific and publishing activities, participation in international conferences and international internships at prestigious universities will be an integral part of your studies.


Space Applications (Ing.)

"Become a space engineer!"

A Master's degree programme in English focused on the development of systems for space applications. Are you interested in satellite and space technology? Do you want to design part of a satellite subsystem during your studies? Cooperate with leading Czech companies that develop technologies for space missions and at the same time cooperate with foreign agencies such as ESA or DLR? Then you are the right person for the Space Applications study programme!


Telecommunications (Ing.)

"Take the opportunity to get a diploma from the prestigious University of Vienna!"

In cooperation with the Technical University of Vienna, we have prepared an optional Master's degree programme offered in English. After graduation, you will receive two master's diplomas: one from Brno and one from Vienna. Such studies will prepare you well for future professional practice in the field of wireless communication systems not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.