Laboratory of Digital Television Systems and Video Technology


Our field of activity is the coexistence of broadcast, mobile and general wireless services in shared or nearby frequency bands. Our group of researchers is active in both theoretical and experimental methodologies for coexistence within and outside the systems themselves, as well as in the interaction of systems and subsystems of communication devices and in frequency planning or modelling of critical and non-critical coexistence scenarios.

Main activities

  • Digital TV broadcasting in DVB-S/C/T/H/SH/S2/C2/T2/IPTV/3DTV standards
  • Digital radio broadcasting and multimedia in DAB/DAB+/DMB standards
  • Mobile and satellite digital television DVB-H/SH
  • Availability and quality of DVB/DAB/DMB video, audio and services
  • Measurement of signal coverage and interference in DVB/DAB/DMB broadcast networks
  • Monitoring and optimisation of SFN broadcast networks for DVB/DAB/DMB
  • Measurement and testing methodology for DVB/DAB/DMB receivers


Laboratory equipment

  • DVB-T laboratory transmitters R&S SFL-T, DVB-T/T2/H SFU
  • MPEG-2 TS generator and recorder R&S DVRG
  • MPEG-2 measurement decoder R&S DVMD
  • Digital Broadcast Analysers R&S SFL-T, DVM 400 and DVMS
  • MPEG-2 TS R&S DVQ image quality analyser
  • DVB measurement receivers Kathrein MSK-33, MSK-200 and Sefram 7865 and 7885
  • DVB-S to DVB-C converter Astro M2TWIN
  • Portable DVB-C measuring receiver Promax 10
  • TV and SAT DVB-S/C/T analyser Promax Prolink-3 and 4C
  • Set-top boxes DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and DVB-T/T/T2, LCD PDP TVP