Optical Communications Research Laboratory


The equipment of the laboratory enables research and development in the field of photonic communications and optical measurements. We focus on the design and analysis of atmospheric optical links, optimization of their parameters, analysis of optical signal propagation through free atmosphere, study the effect of turbulence on the propagation of an optical beam. We also deal with communication in the visible part of the radiation spectrum (VLC) and vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2X). We also use optical systems to perform special measurements.

Výzkumná skupina OptaBro

Main activities

  • Investigation of optical beam propagation through the atmosphere
  • Optimization of optical beam shape
  • Design of systems for cable-free optical links
  • VLC communications

Laboratory equipment

  • Anritsu 1800A Signal Quality Analyzer
  • Tunable Wavelength Laser EKSPLA NT 342-10-H-FC-ATTN
  • IR Fourier Spectrometer Newport MIR 8025
  • High Resolution Fibre Optic Spectrometer Avantes AvaSpec-ULS3648-USB2
  • EDFA Fibre Amplifier Keopsys KPS-CUS-BT-C
  • Laser Beamprofiler Newport LBP-2-USB
  • Laser Beamprofiler Spiricon BGS-USB-SP620U
  • Optical Power Meter Anritsu ML9002A
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